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                                                                                                           Rent a Car in Prague

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                                                                                  Terms of the car rental agreement
 The minimum rental period is 24 hours. The tenant must be at least 21 years old, a driver's license valid in the Czech Republic. The Lessee agrees that his data will be recorded in the database of the Landlord and copies of his documents are made. The lease agreement is valid from the moment it is signed by the parties to the time the car is returned to the Lessor and all settlements between the parties are completed and the vehicle return protocol is signed, which is an integral part of the Agreement. Verbal agreements are not legally binding. Any changes to the Agreement are valid only in writing. The specification of the vehicle, the term of the Agreement, the amount of the rent and the protocol of the technical condition of the vehicle are on the front page of this Agreement.

                                                                         Car rental cost and payment procedure
 The rent includes VAT at 21%. The rental price is set based on current rates. The rental price and deposit for the rental period is paid by the Tenant at the time of signing the Agreement. The deposit is returned to the Lessee after receiving the car and signing the return protocol. If the Lessee returns the car ahead of the deadline indicated in the Agreement, the payment for the remaining rental period is not refunded. The rental price includes and provides a FREE child seat or booster, a navigator in the maps of Europe, an emergency kit, a second driver, payment for the roads of the Czech Republic (vignette) and Germany (EURO 5 zone), tires for the season (winter or summer) - windshield fluid, payment for roads of neighboring states, fines for speeding and parking, parking throughout the EU, fuel (car is provided with a full tank, return of a rented car by the Lessee with a full tank too)

                                                                            Lease term, car receipt and return
 The contract is for a fixed term. Legal relations between the parties end with the expiration date of the Agreement, if the terms of the lease were not violated The extension of the Agreement is also possible on the basis of the tenant’s telephone call and the confirmation of this statement by the Landlord. In this case, the rental rate and insurance coverage remain unchanged. If the Lessee does not return the car to the Lessor on time (he is late with the return by more than 1 hour), he undertakes to pay the next day of rent. The delay in returning the car for more than 1 day, without warning the Lessor about the extension of the car, qualifies as its theft. At the same time, the Lessee shall be fully liable in accordance with the Criminal Code of the Czech Republic. The Landlord undertakes to transfer the vehicle to the Lessee in good technical condition, at the place and time specified in the Contract, with a full tank of fuel, keys, a tape recorder and all the necessary documents (data sheet, insurance card, etc.). The fuel used is Natural 95 or Diesel gasoline . It is forbidden to use other types of fuel (in case of erroneous refueling of a rental car, the Tenant pays for its repair and a fine of 3 days of rental) Upon receipt of the car, the Tenant must check the condition of the vehicle and the amount of fuel. When returning the car to the Tenant with a not full tank, the fuel is paid additionally at the rate of 2 euro per liter. All damages are recorded in the protocol, which is an integral part of the contract. The car is served in its pure form, in case of returning the car in a dirty form (exterior and / or interior), the Lessee is obliged to pay the car wash in the amount of 10 euro for a car / 20 euro for a minivan. In case of excessive pollution of the interior (for example, traces of food or beverages on the upholstery of the cabin), the Tenant undertakes to pay for dry cleaning in the amount of 100 euro. Car delivery during working hours from 9.00 to 18.00 (Prague or Airport) is free of charge. The return of the car during working hours from 9.00 to 18.00 (Prague or Airport) is paid separately in the amount of 15 euro. The return of the rental car in the company's office at Praha 1.ul.Opletalova 35 (opposite the Main Station in the Center of Prague) is provided FREE of charge. In non-working hours from 18.00 to 23.00 an additional 20 euro is paid. For returns at night from 23.00 to 07.00, a surcharge of 40 euro is charged. Return and car delivery (Prague, Office, Airport) from 7.00 to 9.00 paid 20 euro

                                                                                            Rights and obligations of the parties
 Only persons registered in the Contract or a person who is in the car with the tenant can drive a rented car. The tenant should use the car only for its intended purpose, to comply with the rules of the road, customs regulations, other legal norms. The tenant must operate the car in accordance with the instructions and standards for this car, monitor its technical condition. The tenant must take all measures to ensure the safety of the car against theft, accident or damage as a result of actions of third parties. The tenant does not have the right to leave the car unlocked at the parking lot, leave keys, documents, navigator, panel from a tape recorder in a parked car, transfer the car to persons who are not recorded in the Contract, use a rented car for auto racing, learning to ride or transport goods, tow, use the car as a taxi or trips to countries whose travel is prohibited by the insurance company or the Landlord. Also, the Lessee does not have the right to drive a car under the influence of alcohol or drugs or under the influence of drugs and drugs that reduce reaction and attention, as well as transfer control to persons in that condition. No smoking in the car.
 The Lessee must immediately inform the Landlord of any technical malfunctions or damages that have occurred during the rental period and require urgent repairs. If this condition is not fulfilled, the Lessee bears full responsibility for all damages arising in this connection (driving when the oil pressure warning lamp is on, driving on lowered wheels, etc.) In the event of a vehicle malfunction, accident, wheel puncture or a discharged battery, Assistance throughout Europe - FREE

                                                                                Departure outside the Czech Republic
There is no additional charge for leaving the Czech Republic. The rental car is strictly prohibited to cross the borders of the following states: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, the countries of the former Yugoslavia (with the exception of Croatia and Slovenia); a 2000 euro fine is imposed for crossing these countries. Crossing the car-rented borders of Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, France, Italy, Spain and Croatia is permissible. The rental price includes Unlimited mileage

                                                            Liability for damage and insurance of the rental object
 The landlord guarantees that the rental car is insured with the relevant insurance company. Provides several types of insurance 1st - Regular insurance (CTP) with a deposit of 800 euro (insurance of your liability as a result of third parties, this type of insurance does not include insurance against theft, damage to the body, suspension, wheels, wheels and cabin elements) 2 option-Full Insurance  with a franchise of 300 euro-cost of 10 euro per day or with a franchise of 200 euro worth 20 euro per day. This insurance includes car insurance against damage and theft throughout the ES territory. Responsibility of the Lessee (franchise) for damage due to his own fault is limited to the minimum amount of collateral and a maximum of 10% of the value of the damage. This liability extends to car theft, an accident and vandalism. Insurance does not cover damage to the interior, chassis, damage to wheels and wheels. Also, insurance does not apply to additional accessories issued by the tenant, such as a navigator, child seat, etc. The tenant bears full responsibility for damage that occurred as a result of a gross violation of the Contract on his part. Luggage and personal items cannot be insured. Fines for violations of the rules of the road during the term of the Rental Agreement, as well as damage resulting from the loss of documents, keys or tools that are included in the vehicle package, are paid by the Lessee. The deposit for the rented car is returned in full (if the car is returned to the same condition as it was when signing the contract and without damage)
Actions in the event of an insured accident
 In the event of an accident, car theft or damage to the vehicle, the Lessee is obliged to immediately inform the Landlord about the incident. Next, you need to call the police to the scene, draw up a diagram of the accident, record the data of all the participants in the accident, including witnesses, the license plates of all vehicles - participants in the accident, if possible, take a picture of everything. If the rented car is not able to move under its own power, the tenant must ensure that it is removed from the roadway. The Lessee is also obliged to transfer to the Lessor a police report on the incident, keys and documents from the car. Any damage on a car that is not registered by the Police of the Czech Republic in the protocol of the scene of accident is paid by the Lessee. In cases when insurance does not cover the established damage, it is paid by the Lessee. Insurance does not cover damage caused by driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and drugs that reduce reaction and attention. The tenant is obliged to provide the police and the Landlord with full information about the incident and to provide comprehensive assistance when considering the insured event.