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What should I do if I was stopped by the police?

First of all, don't panic. Police would ask you only for the documents: your driving license, registration of the rented car and maybe the rental contract. If you did nothing wrong, then they would smile and let you go :) Usually there is no necessary to check on you when you keep the rules.

Are there any extra payments?

>The fuel isn't included in rental. You get the car with the full tank, you refuel it as well. >You get the car cleaned and washed. If it gets dirty during your travel, we may charge you up to 10 euro (depends on the car's condition when you return it) > Smoking in a car is strictly forbidden! Please respect our rules, otherwise you pay the fine >All fines for breaking the traffic rules and exceeding the speed limit are on your own responsibility >For some European countries (besides German and Czech Republic) you'll need to buy a "vignette", - toll road, special fee for passing some roadways. Don't worry, we'll tell you how to arrange it

What should I do if I have got a fine for parking?

It's possible to make a payment straight to the policeman. If there is no police officer nearby, you can pay the fine you found under the wiper within 10 days transferring its amount to the police account mentioned in the receipt. The other possibility is to pay at our company's office and we will pay the fine for you. Violation information enters a unified database and if you don't pay a fine, your Schengen visa may be denied.

How to pay the parking in the Czech Republic?

As soon as you found a parking lot and parked, you should find a parking machine with an indication of the price per hour. You need to pay a fee, which depends on the time that you would like to park. Then the machine will print a piece of paper with the time of prepaid time. The paper should be placed under the windshield of the rented car. There are blue, yellow and white parking marking lines in the Czech Republic. Parking, which you can park on is marked only by WHITE line. Parking marked with blue is intended only for local residents, yellow - indicates the places where stopping and parking is prohibited.

What are the speed limits in the city and on the highway in Europe?

In the city it's 50 km/h, outside the city - 90 km/h and at autobahns in most countries it's 130 km/h (in Germany the maximum speed is not limited).

What documents are necessary to confirm the booking of the car?

In order to confirm the booking of the car you need to send a scan copy (or a photo) of your passport with the photo, your driving license, the address of residence and a phone number that you will use in Europe. Send photos of documents to the E-mail crpraha3@gmail.com, or to Viber or WhatsApp using tel. number +420777778516.

How to fill a rented car's gas tank in the Czech Republic?

At the gas station. First fill the gasoline or diesel, then go to the cash desk, name the column number, and pay the required amount. Payment can be made either in cash or by VISA or MASTER CARD.

Do I need to have international driving license to rent a car in the Czech Republic?

No, you don't need to have an international driving license (if you have a tourist visa with a residence period of up to 90 days, then it's enough to have the driving license you use at home).

What penalties can be in case of my several hours lateness of returning the car?

Delay for 2 hours and more will be considered as 1 day rent. In case of forced delay (traffic jams on the highway or other) and if you let us know about it, then the fee is not charged.

What age should the driver reach to rent a car in the Czech Republic?

You can rent a car if you have reached the age of 21 years and your driving experience is at least 1 year

What if I have exceeded the speed limits?

Our company will receive the official document from the police with a photo of you driving the rented car, the date and time of a traffic violation and the amount of the fine. In this case, we will contact you by phone number mentioned in the contract. You obliged to transfer the amount of fine to the account of our company. Information about fines enters into a unified database and if you don't pay the fine, next time you may be denied in Schengen visa.

What does insurance with franchise mean?

This type of insurance includes client's participation in payments for caused damage. The size of franchise for our rental cars depends on the model and ranges from 300 to 400 euro. That means in case of client's fault in an accident he is obliged to cover the caused damage by the amount of franchise's size. If the damage exceeds 100 000 CZK (4000 euro), the customer pays 5% of its total amount. In case of minor damages (scratches on the vehicle body, destructed mirrors and tires etc.) the size of the payment will be discussed and agreed. If there is no customer's fault in an accident, the deposit (franchise) returns back to the client in full size.

Can I get a car straight away I contact your company?

If there is an available car at the moment we try to prepare it as soon as possible after your order was received.

Do I need to prepay in advance upon booking a car?

Due to increasing workload during holiday season, Christmas and New Year's holidays we ask you to make a prepayment when booking