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Terms and conditions of  the rental agreement 

 The minimum rental period is 24 hours. The renter must be at least 21 years old, driving license must be valid in Czech Republic. The renter agrees that his data will be recorded in the lessor's database and with making copies of his documents. The lease contract is valid from the moment it is signed by the parties until the vehicle is returned to the Lessor, all payments are made between the parties and the car return protocol is signed, which is an integral part of the Agreement. Oral agreements do not have legal force. Any changes to the Agreement are valid only by writing form. The specification of the car, the period of validity of the Agreement, the amount of rental and the technical condition report of the car are on the front page of this Agreement.

Cost of car rent and payment procedure 

 The rental price is established on the basis of current tariffs. The rental price and the deposit for the rental period are paid by the Renter at the time of signing the Agreement. The deposit is returned to the Renter after the car is returned and the return protocol is signed. If the Renter returns the car before the deadline indicated in the Contract, the payment for the remaining period of the lease is not refundable.

Lease term, receipt and return of the car

 The contract is concluded for a certain period. Legal relations between the parties end with the expiry date of the Agreement, if the terms of the lease have not been broken. Extension of the Agreement is possible also on the basis of a telephone call of the Renter, and confirmation of this application by the Lessor. In this case, the rental rate and insurance cover remain unchanged. In case the Renter does not return the car to the Lessor on time (lateness of return for more than 1 hour), he has to pay the following days of the lease until the return and a fine of 1000, - CZK for each calendar day of the delay. A delay in the return of a car (for more than 10 days) is qualified as stealing. In such case the Renter is fully liable according to the Criminal Code of the Czech Republic. The Lessor must transfer the car to the Renter in good technical condition, at the place and time specified in the Contract, with a full tank of fuel, keys and all the necessary documents (technical passport, insurance card, etc.) The fuel used is Natural 95 gasoline or diesel fuel. Other types of fuel are forbidden to use.

 While receiving the car, the Renter must check the condition of the vehicle and the amount of fuel. All damages are recorded in the protocol, which is an integral part of the Contract. The renter has to to return the car in the same technical condition and configuration, with a full tank of fuel. Missing fuel The Renter is obliged to pay at the rate of 40 CZK / liter. The car is given in clean condition, if the car is returned  dirty (exterior and / or interior), the Renter has to pay a car wash in amount of 300 CZK for saloon car or 500 CZK for a minivan. In case of excessive contamination of the interior (for example, traces of food or drinks on the upholstery), the Renter has to pay a chemical cleaning fee of 2,000 CZK. The car is considered to be accepted by the Lessor after signing the return protocol. In case the return protocol is not signed, the car is not returned to the Lessor with all the consequences: The Renter continues to pay the rental price, all the extra damages on the car are paid by the Renter, etc. The return of the vehicle outside the company’s office at the working hours from 09.00 to 18.00 within Prague is charged with 300 CZK, during non-working hours - 500 CZK. The return at night from 22.00 to 08.00 is additionally charged with 700 CZK.

Rights and obligations of the parties

 The car can be driven only by the person registered in the Contract. Another person is able to drive the car only in case the renter is also in the car. The renter should use the car only for its intended purpose, observe traffic rules, customs regulations, other legal norms. The renter must operate the car in accordance with the instructions and standards for this car, monitor its technical condition. The renter must take all measures to ensure the safety of the car against theft, accidents or damages. The renter does not have the right: to leave the car opened on the parking, to leave keys, documents, the navigator, the panel from the tape recorder in the parked car, transfer the car to persons who are not recorded in the Contract, use a rented car for racing, learning to ride or transport cargo, towing, use the car as a taxi or travel to countries, which are prohibited to travel in by the insurance company or the Lessor. Also, the Renter does not have the right to drive a car in the state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication or under the influence of drugs that reduce reaction and attention, and also transfer handling to persons in such condition. No smoking in the car.

 The renter must immediately inform the Lessor of any technical problems or damages that have occurred during the rental period and require immediate repair. If this condition is not fulfilled, the Renter bears full responsibility for all damages that have occurred in this situation (driving with shining oil pressure or other warning lamps, riding on flat tires, etc.).

Departure outside the Czech Republic

 It is strictly forbidden to cross the borders of the following states in a rented car: Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, the countries of the former Yugoslavia (with the exception of Croatia and Slovenia). In case the renter crosses these countries, he will be charged with the fine of 50,000 CZK. Crossing the borders of Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, France, Italy, Spain and Croatia is allowed.

Liability for damage and insurance of the subject of lease

 The Lessor guarantees, that the rented car is insured by the relevant insurance company. The responsibility of the Renter for the damage by his own fault or as a result of actions of third parties is limited by the minimum amount of the deposit and maximum of 5% of the cost of damage. The responsibility extends on car theft, accident and vandalism. The insurance does not cover damage on the interior, suspension, engine, gearbox, damage to wheels and tires. Also the insurance does not apply on additional accessories given to the renter, such as navigator, child seat, etc. (a returnable deposit may be charged for them). The Renter bears full responsibility for the damage that has occurred as a result of serious violation of the Agreement by his side. Luggage and personal belongings can not be insured. Penalties for breaking traffic rules during the validity of this Rental agreement, as well as expenses from losing the documents, keys or tools, which the car was equipped with, are paid by the Renter. 

Actions in case of an insurance event

 In case of an accident, theft or damage of the car, the Renter is obliged to immediately inform the Lessor about the incident. Then the renter has to call the police, draw up a scheme of the accident, record the data of all participants of the accident, including witnesses, license plates of all cars-participants in road accident and possibly capture on photo. If the rented car is not able to move on its own, the renter must ensure that it is removed from the roadway. The renter is also obliged to immediately transmit to the Lessor the police protocol of the incident, keys and documents from the car. Any damage on a car that is not registered by the Police in the protocol of the incident will be paid by the Renter. In case the insurance does not cover the created damage, it is paid by the Renter. Insurance does not cover damage resulting from driving in a state of alcohol or drug intoxication or under the influence of drugs that reduce reaction and attention. The renter is obliged to provide the police and the Lessor full information about the incident and provide all-round assistance in revising the insurance event.